Aevlor offers a sustainable solution for the global plastic waste crisis

Plastic production is set to triple by 2050.  Recycling rates are one of the lowest of any waste category with many developed economies recycling less 10%!

This is complicated with a large variety of plastic types, while additives to plastics make them unsuitable for mechanical recycling.

Developed by nuclear and thermochemical engineers

The technology behind Aevlor was developed and refined over 20 years 

Aevlor’s advanced reactor technology breaks down plastics into useful hydrocarbons. These can be used as feedstock for the chemical industry or used as renewable fuels.  

Sustainability built in

Right from the start the focus was on making our process sustainable. 
Our process is Net Zero enabled to ensure we contribute to protecting our environment.

Material recovered
+ 0 %
% Energy used
15 %

Simple Steps we can all take to make a Big Difference


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The best way to reduce the impact of plastics on our environment is to minimise what goes to waste.

Save the ocean

Save The Environment - Save Lives.

We all depend on our environment for our livelihoods whether directly or indirectly.

Keep It Clean

Keep it clean

Dispose of waste plastic thoughtfully. Plastic dumped in the environment ends up in rivers and oceans.


Contribute to saving our planet

Donate your time to organisations that make a difference.

Approximately 8 Billion Kgs Of Plastic Enters The Ocean every year

Our mission is to help solve the plastic waste crisis